Ute Conference FAQ’s

Revised 06-18-2018

Ute Conference, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

for additional information refer to Ute Conference Bylaws

How Do I Register?

You may register on this website www.utefootball.org or in person. A list of district registration time and location can be found

on this website.

How much does it cost to play

The Ute Conference charges standard fees for each player, Districts may charge fees in

REGISTRATION FEE Breakdown To Ute Conference:

$55.00 OF REGISTRATION FEE goes towards UTE CONFERENCE Franchise Fees, and Insurances,

$60.00 To Jersey Purchases,

$75.00 To Officials, Security and on Field Medical Personnel

$10.00 To Online Administrative Costs


District Fees are then added for cost of equipment purchase and operations. Each District OPERATES INDEPENDENTLY as a

Franchise of the UTE CONFERENCE, Inc. This results in the registration fees varying from District to District. Registration

costs vary by district and is generally in the range of 250.00 – 350.00.

Is there health insurance coverage

I/We understand that the Ute Conference, Inc. provides catastrophic medical insurance coverage for injuries sustained while

participating in any sanctioned practice or games. Coverage becomes primary for uninsured players. There is a 250.00

deductible that is subject to change by year and maximum payout per accident. Parents are responsible for all deductibles and

medical care of the participant. All claims must be submitted no later than 60 days after the date of the accident. All claims

submitted by the parents at the time of treatment.

When do we play games

The first game starts the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend and continues each Saturday for a minimum of 8 weeks (9 weeks

depending on game schedule). Games will be played on Labor Day and UEA weekend. Games will not be changed because

the University of Utah is playing at the same time. Playoffs are the first Saturday, and Championships are the first Saturday in


Saturday game times: 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm if needed.

When does Practice Begin

Practice may begin on the fifth Saturday prior to Labor Day (Changed for 2011 season). Each District may decide to start later

than this date. Check with your district president for start dates. Any practices prior to the July 30, 2011 is a violation of the Ute

Conference Bylaws and subject to disqualification and district sanction. First Contact practice is the Wednesday following the

first Saturday in August.

What District do I play in

You play where you live. Your player will play in the high school district boundaries that you reside in. Example: If you live in the

Highland High School boundaries, that is where you play. Only exception to this rule is Juan Diego. Juan Diego boundaries are

the State of Utah.

  • No Waivers
  • No Discussion

*1 year red shirt rules apply to move back to home district.

Players caught out of boundaries are subject to suspension. Coaches promoting players out of boundaries are subject to

dismissal. Forfeitures of games will apply.

What equipment is provided

Each player will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, and game pants.

Some districts provide Jerseys that will be returned at the end of season. Other Districts provide jerseys each season as part of

the registration fee.

Mouthpieces, socks, athletic supporters (w/cups), and football shoes are not supplied.

We agree to be fully responsible for the return of the items of equipment issued to the above named player. All

equipment is to be returned in reasonable condition, with normal wear and tear when requested to do so by

Conference or district officials, or pay the stated value of $260.00, plus all costs of collection Including a reasonable attorney

fees plus interest.

Contact your district president for more details.

Ute Conference FAQ’s

Revised 06-18-2018

What is the minimum amount of plays my player can expect

Each player must play a minimum of 10 plays in every game. A play is constituted as any time the official puts the ball in play.

Contact your district president for more details.

What are the ages and weights of the players

The age of a player for the playing season shall be his/her attained age as of July 1, of that year. 7 year old scouts playing age

for the season shall be his/her attained age as of September 1, of that year. A player turning 9 after July 1 and before

September 1 of current year will have the option to play in the Scout division. This will require parental consent of the player.

EXCEPTIONS – Players who played in an age group for 2017 season will be able to remain in that age group for the remainder

of their Ute Conference Eligibility. – (2018)

Scout 7 – 8 X Weight 85 lbs No Z Downs Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP


For 8-year-olds only)

Gremlin 9 X Weight 95 lbs Z Weight 10yr old

75 lbs

Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP


Pee Wee 10 X Weight 105 lbs Z Weight 11yr old

85 lbs

Or optional 1 year move

Mity Mite 11 X Weight 125 lbs Z Weight 12yr old

105 lbs

Or optional 1 year move

GridIron 12 X Weight 135 lbs Z Weight 13yr old

115 lbs

Or optional 1 year move

Bantam 13, (14)

must be in 8th

grade or Z

down rules


X Weight 165 lbs Z Weight 14yr old

155 lbs

Or optional 1 year move

Junior 14 – 15 No X Weight –


Or optional 1 year move (15-

year olds cannot “Z” down


14 year old 8th grade players will need to show proof of grade during weigh in. Copy of official

document will need to be kept on file. * This move down for 14 year old 8th grade Players will

be for districts without Junior teams only.

If a 14 year old Junior wishes to “Z” down, from a district that fields a Junior Team then all

corresponding “Z” down rules are still in effect. (2015)

Y Up – 1 year move – Bylaw 13.1

Y & Z mandatory Weigh Ins – Y & Z players may only weigh once prior to the original district

dates. See www.utefootball.org Critical Dates

Ute Conference FAQ’s

Revised 06-18-2018

What is the X Man Rule

The “X”-man Rule in the conference bylaws is presently written as follows:

13.1.1 The “X” player must be an Interior lineman on offense, playing one of the four line positions, from Tackle to Tackle, the “X” player

must be set, but not necessarily down in a 3 or 4 point stance at the snap of the ball. On defense the “X” player must be an interior lineman.

They can line up anywhere along the line of scrimmage. However, they must be on the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball. The “X”

player on defense must be down in a 3 or 4 point stance at the snap of the ball. (2017)

ALL “X”-MEN– The following criteria apply to ALL “X”-men:

  1. All individuals listed on their teams´ roster as an “X”-man, must have either a 4″ White or Black “X” on the front AND back of

their helmet. The Conference Board of Directors have also instructed the President´s of each District to inform their Coaches to

ONLY use Conference-purchased block “X´s”. Skull bones, decorations, colorings, numbers, names, writings, etc. are

prohibited on the “X”, and the “X” can NOT be made of Athletic tape, black electrical tape or anything other the Conferenceprovided


What happens if I miss the Official Weigh In

Official Weigh-In is conducted the second week prior to the first game.

Any player who misses the official weigh in is removed from the roster and is ineligible to play the first game Players caught

playing are subject to suspension and the game will be a forfeiture. Coach or coaches will be suspended.

A makeup weigh in will be the Tuesday after the 1st regular season game.

Contact District President for times and dates.

What do I wear to weigh in

Players are to wear shorts and t-shirts to weigh in. No Equipment!

Who do I contact to Officiate in the Ute Conference

You may email Cory Plant at cplant@murray.utah.gov

Who do I contact to become a coach in the Ute Conference

You need to contact the District President in the district you want to coach in.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Contact your District President, go to the District President section. If after contacting your District President, feel you need to

contact a Conference Representative go to the Liaison section. The Ute Conference will only follow up on problems that are

sent in writing and are not anonymous.

What is the Refund Policy?


Tryouts for team placement are considered Practice. Refunds will only be issued after all equipment has been returned to the

district. Subject to $25.00 Administrative fee on refunds. All refunds require an Authorized District Official to submit “Request for

Refund Authorization Form”. Contact your district president for more details.

Refund Insurance – Optional –

Refund Insurance Available – $21.00 per registration – Non-transferrable – Must be purchased at time of registration

Cover Perils Include:

Sickness/Injury (on or off the field)

Inclement Weather

Uninhabitable residence – Home condemned by city, state or municipality

Traffic accident causing injury to player

Job transfer or Job layoff (Parent or Guardian)

Padded Camps – Equipment Issue, Insurance and Refund Policy

The Ute Conference, will issue equipment to players to use for padded camps such as the U of U, and BYU football camps. The following

restrictions apply: (1) All registration fees must be collected in full for the current year season. No payment plans can be accepted (2) In case

of injury during the camp, all insurance will be the responsibility of the camp and/or the parent. Ute Conference, Inc. insurance will not be

enforced for any non-sanctioned individual camps. (3) Use of equipment during these camps constitutes 1 season of utilization of certification

requirements. Therefore, NO REFUNDS OF SEASON FEES WILL BE ISSUED. Once equipment is taken for use in a camp, prior to the

start of the Ute Conference season, all Ute Conference Refund policies become null and void.